Jeremy Joan Hewes lives and makes art in Sonoma County, California. She is a member of two local galleries, Sebastopol Gallery and Healdsburg Center for the Arts. She shares a studio in Sebastopol with another artist and lives in Santa Rosa.

She began participating in art shows in 2003 and had a solo exhibit of her photography in a Los Angeles gallery in 2006. Since then her work has been exhibited regularly at galleries throughout northern California. In 2009, her photographic montage “Wisteria Wisdom” was selected for the Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition at The Museum of the Gulf Coast by Susan Davidson, senior curator of paintings for the Guggenheim Museum in New York. 

Artist Statement:

For most of my life I’ve taken photographs. As the sophistication of digital cameras and tools has increased, I’ve developed an ongoing series of photographic montages and digital compositions. Then I integrated printmaking into my art practice, and more recently added abstract painting as another element in my mixed-media art.

My work centers on color and place, with a strong graphic component. In my photography, color has always been a magnet. And my fascination with places has led to an exploration of how to express the sense of a city or a patch of woods by combining my images with other graphic information.

As an artist, I sometimes think of myself as a prospector, digging among the images and memories I’ve assembled over the years and following my curiosity to learn and dream about places I have yet to visit. I try to hold those feelings of discovery and inquiry as I create each mixed-media work, weaving together my photographs, painted surfaces, and bits of maps, old pages, or even wax.